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2005 Ford Explorer Washer Fluid Pump


December 9, 2018
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2005 Ford Explorer EB

I just got around to putting in a new reservoir as mine was missing completely and the connector for the pump is just bare wires. I tried using a multi-meter to determine if I was getting power to the wires or not and it appears that I'm not. I also tried jumping them to the wires coming off the pump and I get nothing out of them. Looking at my owners manual and the online manual for my vehicle there are no fuses or relays listed for the pump just for the windshield wipers. The wipers work and I do hear a click when I push the windshield washer button but other than that nothing. Are there fuses or relays for this that just aren't listed? Also how would I go about maybe direct wiring it to a toggle or rocker switch to make it work for both front windshield and rear? Thanks in advance for any help.