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2005 Limited

Hey guys, I haven't posted much in this forum but I would like to share with you my 2005 Ford Explorer Limited. It's currently sitting at 126,000(7/09/2015). There's a lot of plans for what I'm going to be doing with it, so I will definitely post them through it's journey.

Heres what it looked like the day I got it

HID's are super common in cars now, I think you see them almost everywhere you go. So I decided I would throw in some 8000K HID's and I'm pretty satisfied with how they turned out.


I Also put yellow 3000k HID's in the fog lights

I'm not a fan of Plastidip, but I am a fan of smoked tail lights. I know where I live a lot of people get pulled over and asked to take the tint off of their tail lights. So In a way of not having to buy new tail lights I decided to just throw some plastidip and a whole lot of glossifier ontop of it.

The limited has probably the best stock sound system I've heard compared to many cars. It was a tough decision on whether or not to replace the factory speakers.
I decided to throw in Kickers all the way around including replacing the factory sub. If you've ever thought about replacing this factory sub, let me just tell
you that your not going to enjoy any part of it.


And time to add a new radio (Which was a pain because I had to get all new steering wheel controls, and a whole new Sirius XM tuner)



I threw up a RAGE Roof rack which turned out to be pretty easy to assemble but was very heavy to put on. Also, I put 30% tint on the front driver and front passenger side windows.