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2005 map/dome light bulb replacement


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February 14, 2016
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Western Maine
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2005 Sport Trac XLT 4WD
Need to replace the two map light bulbs in my 2005 Explorer Sport Trac.
I do not have the overhead console just the standard dome/map light assembly.
I popped off the clear lens, and the two maps light are recessed under a plastic reflector assembly.

Looks like sometime long ago somebody else tried to replace a bulb as I found a piece of the reflector about the size of a dime missing in action. Maybe I will replace the reflector if I could find one a local salvage yard. The reflector does flex, but I think if it's not removed correctly it will crack.

Do I need to remove the entire dome/map light assemble from the headliner to replace the map bulbs?

Yes. Found this out changing the stock lamps to Zevo 168 LED's. Since they are wedge base bulbs, seems they would be easy to pull straight out without removing the base. As you mentioned the lamps are recessed and after 15 minutes of frustration decided to remove the base. IIRC, they are only held by three Philips screws and attached wiring. Very easy, just make sure the self tapping sheet metal screws are properly aligned and not over tightened. Just snug.

Thanks swshawii . I'm almost ready to get on the road again. Just finishing polishing one last aluminum rim. Then some new tires and a state inspection. Yippee!!!