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2005 Mountaineer Won't Start


June 26, 2002
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Columbus, OH
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'05 Mountaineer V8 AWD
I moved my 2005 Mountaineer this morning, started right up like it always does. I go to start it this afternoon and it chimes and all the electronics work, but it won't even turn over. I try to jump it and nothing. I swap batteries and still nothing. It's not even clicking when I turn the key. Could it be the starter? I'm trying to move my daughter into college today, so I need to fix this ASAP...

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is there a security light flashing?????

Hopefully its not the PATSII system but it sure sounds like it.

If you have another key give that a try.

Where is the security light? Nothing on the dash is flashing.

light would be on the dash. . . . no other key ?
This sure seems like the PATSII system forgot the key. The truck keeps track of which keys are allowed to start it. However invalid start attempts should trigger the dash light.
When you turn the key do the lights dim? Low battery might do this.

I'm sorry hopefully someone else will have an idea,

No lights dim, the radio works, windows, etc. It just won't turn over or even click.

OK, figured it out. One of the wires going to the starter was broke at the connector! I cut the wire, stripped it back, crimped on a new connector, put the wire back on, and it fired right up! :)