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2005 V8 Throttle Body Cleaning?


May 15, 2012
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Conway, SC
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2005 Explorer, Limited V8
I have a 2005 Explorer with th 4.6L V8 in it. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you don't clean the throttle body on the drive by wire units using throttle/carb cleaner (not sure if it has to do with some "special coating/finish" on the inside of the throttle body).

Myth or fact?

If that is the case (not cleaning the throttle body), what is everyone doing? I can't believe that just because Ford has some "magic" coating/finish on the throttle body of the electronic throttle control that it doesn't get dirty (if that was the case, why not put that coating on all throttle bodies and you'd never have to clean them).

I believe you are partially right. You don't want to use carb/choke cleaner, but throttle body cleaner that is formulated for this coating is what you want. Not real sure as to how effective the special coating is, but it does get dirty. I cleaned my 04 4.6 tb to take care of the 1-2 second lag at take off. Takes off nice and smooth now instead of like it has a 3000rpm stall converter.