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2006 4.6 liter ticking sound

colby proctor

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July 10, 2016
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2006 ford explorer
Hello everyone. My 2006 explorer 4.6 v8 has a ticking sound coming from the engine. Im currently deployed and trying to help my wife pin point the spot. Im not 100% sure if its a lifter, exhaust leak or what it could be. I know it has gotten louder over the past 3 months and i think the sound goes away after it warms up. I can have further information within 2 days. This would help alot!!!!!!!

If it goes away after it warms up, it's most likely a broken stud(s) on the exhaust manifold. Can she pinpoint which side sound is coming from?

My '07 4.6 was ticking until I changed my plugs last week.
The plugs on the front two cylinders (both sides) were loose and I was able remove them without a ratchet. Now it's nice and quiet and no more gas smell inside.
Have someone check the plugs and the exhaust manifold studs like D Hook mentioned above.