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2006 EB Cross Rail Installation


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December 19, 2009
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Olathe, KS
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'06 EB, '95 Ranger XLT
I'm getting ready to install cross rails to my roof rack on my 2006 Eddie Bauer. I have had trouble with the dealership's parts department with ordering everything that I need. I have had to place three separate orders to get the necessary parts, I'm wondering if I'm still missing anything?

First, I did my homework and looked at Ford's roof rack assembly illustration on their parts site to check all the necessary components because my side rails didn't appear to have any hardware in them. After double checking with the dealership parts dept., I ordered just the cross rails after they assured me that's all I needed because everything else is already installed in the side bars from the factory.

Next, after attempting to install the rails I noticed that I was correct in that I was still missing parts. I needed the rail retainers... I again questioned the need for the tie down loops and they said "No, it should have been installed in the factory" again when I placed my order.

The rail retainers come with one screw, and as the illustration suggests I still needed the tie down loops, as they are the second screw for the front hole of the retainer. I should have known, if it doesn't have the retainer it's not going to have the other screw.

Are there any other parts that I need?

There is another thread regarding 2007 cross rail installation, do the directions listed differ for the 2006?