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2006 Eddie Bauer - Rear Tail Light and Fender Flare


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November 15, 2000
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06 Eddie Bauer

Hoping someone can sell me this or can lead me to a link on where I can buy it, because I can't find it anywhere.

I have 2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the gold trim fender flares. I am looking for the driver side Rear set (2 pieces)of fender flares to replace the ones I have. Looking for stock. Someone at the mall hit it while my wife was shopping.

I am also looking for a rear driver's side tail light. I need the whole lens, the plastics.

PLEASE HELP, I am driving myself nuts and the dealer wants way to much money.



As far as the tail light, check eBay.. should be easy enough to find one on there.

As far as the side trim, that's a little harder. Have you checked any junkyards around you? If you can't find them there or on eBay, you may have to order from the dealer.


Checked Ebay last week, only had the passenger side.
Junk Yards, I called a few. Nothing.

I think you may be right.

I was hoping someone on here, may have had a connection or parted out an explorer or something like that.