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2006 Eddie Bauer v6 4x4 - should I buy?


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September 18, 2011
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I have the opportunity to buy a nice 2006 Eddie Bauer explorer (17,000 miles). I'm worried about the reliability. Did Ford finally fix the radiator problems with this vehicle. Can any 2006 v6 owners weigh in?

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Welcome to the forum! I haven't personally owned a 2006 and up explorer but I know that they did some updates to the radiator but I know from time to time people do have issues but that's just like any other vehicle. Whats the price of the explorer?

I own one thats basically the same. If it doesnt have a lot of mechanical issues, go for it. I love my 4th gen, but she needed some work when she first rolled in

Welcome to this forum! The mileage is very low. Is it 17K miles as a typo or 170K miles?

only 17K miles? If you don't want it I'll buy it.

I have an 05 v6 - very similar vehicle. The engines are pretty good with a few known issues like timing chains but most of those issues had been fixed by 06 IIRC. The transmissions have issues with solenoids and servo pistons. If the vehicle is cheap, in good overall condition, rust free and you don't mind potentially paying for a trans rebuild they're solid vehicles.

I'm sure it has more than 17K on it now since the OP was from 2011.


Its a fake mileage

I'm sure it has more than 17K on it now since the OP was from 2011.
Lol I usually catch that. Lots of zombie threads on a forum that's been around this long.

I didn't see that until now.