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2006 Eddie Bauer ??


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September 18, 2012
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2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer
New to this forum so Hello! Just bought an almost perfect 2006 Eddie Bauer 4x4. Had it about 1 week and the back left shock started leaking. No hard use. Just city driving. Question. May sound ignorant but does this have struts or shocks? I need to replace this one and trying to find what it is is almost impossible online. And replacing one is OK? Just need to do it quickly as I'm leaving for a 9 day drive out west. Thanks!

The rear shock and spring assembly is not a strut, just a coil over shock. The lower part of the shock is attached to the lower arm (that must be removed for shock replacement) and the upper part of the shock is attached to the frame in a round mounting point. The spring and shock are removed as a unit. The spring is then compressed to allow separation of the shock.

Some people remove the shock/spring assembly and then take it to a shop to have the new shock installed into the old spring. The shock/spring assembly is then installed back into the vehicle.

I have not done this job but the manual does not identify any potential issues, such as re-alignment. Let me know if you need the procedures.

Good luck.