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2006 Explorer 18 inch tire recomendation.


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August 19, 2006
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2006 Eddie Bauer
Hello All.... Getting ready to replace the 235/65/18 Michelin tires on my '06 EB. Would like to get tires with white letters but was not happy with the Michelins. Any referrals? Price is also a criteria. Thanks.....

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Not many Options

I've been looking around for something to replace the Michelins that came on my 06 EB. I have not been satisfied with these tires, around 26000 miles and they need replaced. I'm considering the BFG Long Trails. The 235/65/18 size is very limited for replacements and even more so with white letters. You can get the BFG with white letters. Please post when you make your desicion.

Would reducing rim size help?

I'm looking at getting the Goodyear Assurance Triple Treds in 235/65/18. I found a dealer hookup that is getting me all 4, installed for $600 out the door. Plus I found a $40 mail in rebate from Goodyear!

Not sure what kind of Mich tires you have but I have Cross Terrains and find them to be all around excellent - quiet on dry pavement, great on the highway, wet or dry and in the snow. They also hold the road well on hard corners ... and they have white lettering ...
I agree - not many choices out there for the "oversize" tires ...

We just replaced our worn out (22K miles) Michelin Cross-Terrains with a set of Goodyear Fortera Triple Treads. They seem excellent so far but it's only been a few days. Those with Michelin CT's look at your tire shoulders, I'd put money on there being tons of cracks. Ours had them and our local tire shop said they've seen a lot of that.

Sorry, these don't have white letters.

Replace mine with Cooper CS4 Touring tires, ride is way better than the Michelins. I have Cooper tires on all 4 of my cars and have gotten much better mileage from them than Michelin at half the price.


I have the Michelin 235/65/18 that came with the Limited package. 24,000 miles and tons of tread left. I run nitrogen and keep them pumped up to 35.

The ride could be a little smoother for lower speeds but on the highway you do not notice the difference. I will get at least 50,000 on these tires. I plan to stay with Michelins.

I've only got 11,000 miles on the odo but my Exp has logged nearly 20K miles being towed behind my motor home. 4-down towing can be hard on the front tires and, in spite of regular rotations, my Cross Terrains are starting to cup. While I like the Cross Terrains, I used BFG Long Trails on my 04 Exp. and was pleased with them.