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2006 Explorer runs fine, dies, then runs good next day???


November 30, 2015
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Central, North Carolina
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2006 Mountaineer AWD
i have a 2006 explorer with 4.0 engine and 105k miles , and last week while going to lunch it ran perfect, but after lunch was hard to start and when it did finally start it was running very rough and i drove it about 100 feet and it died!

I had it towed to the mechanic and he said the next day it started up fine and he drive it around the lot a little bit and let it run a while and crank everytime for him.

it is showing a code for P0191 fuel pressure switch but he tells me that would not keep it from running and thinks the fuel pump must have died and now started working again??

not sure what to do here

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One of the first things I would check and change out is the fuel filter.

well update on this situation, I had the fuel pressure regulator switch changed a week after the original post (4/16) and truck did great untill 12/6/16 and died on me again, and had a different code this time they said it was for the fuel pump and a code for the fuel pump driver module. I had them both replaced on 12/8/16 cost me $1k dollars.

well this week it broke down on me again with the same p0191 code for the regulator and would not run, so i let it sit for a few minutes and then it fired right up and drove it 45 minutes to home.

I am starting to be afraid to drive this thing, anyone else see anything like this? could the fuel pressure/regulator switch be bad again already?

Is it loosing electrical power when this happens. Everything else working inside etc. As vehicles get older bad grounds can cause havoc due to corrosion etc.I presume he battery and connections are good but you have a number of battery frame and body ground used in the vehicle. Check and clean as many as you can find.

yeah, everything else works fine, radio, lights, etc..
and it might go a week or so and be fine, but then do it again.
I am dropping it off at the dealer first of the week, maybe they can figure this out

All that is fine when its died? Does it crank and/or start back up when you try it.

it will start back up and idle rough and not take the gas (pressing gas pedal) and then I can turn it off, let it sit for a few minutes then will be fine for a while

Could be the fuel pump acting up. Have they done a fuel pressure test. I would have thought they'd have done that by now. It could be erratic and with no throttle response TPS could not be good but a bad TPS should throw a code. Not sure on these vehicles on what throws code yet. New to me with the 09 we just got.

I think with all the time and dollars spent you need to speak to the mechanic directly explain in as much detail as you recall the symptoms etc. Many times the service adviser is second guess what maybe wrong and tell the mechanic in the work order. Such and such not working and they checking the wrong system. Get face to face time with the mechanic.