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2006 Explorer w/tow package electrical problem

Hello, I recently purchased this '06 XLT and it has a factory installed tow package. I have been trying to diagnose why I have no power to the 7 Round or 4 flat. I believe I have checked every fuse and relay that has anything to do with the trailer lights. The odd thing is that on the 7 round receptacle I do have 12 Volts flowing to the #4pin (heavy red wire, not used in the 4 flat or my 7 Round connector).

My wiring is as follows, going clockwise and starting with the ground PIN 1 (White Wire, roughly 7 o'clock position), Left Turn PIN 5 (Yellow), Running lights PIN 3 (Brown), 12V PIN 4 (Red), Right Turn PIN 6 (Green), Trailer Brakes PIN 2 (BLU), center Auxiliary PIN 7 (Blu/brown). I do not use PINS 2 4 or 7. Except for PIN 4 none of the other pins are getting any power.

I suspected a problem within the fuse box itself, even though FUSE #7 was OK, I thought power might not be flowing through it as that could explain my scenario. I jumpered the fuse and was able to verify that 12V was flowing through that fuse.

Is there a plug somewhere that could be unplugged between the fuse box and the 7 Round that would not include the #4 PIN Wire (since it does have power) ? I am out of ideas on where the wiring is failing.
---thank you, any insight would be very much appreciated!


July 19, 2012
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I would start at the connections under the car in the back. I'm sure the car has seen a lot of winter salt that plays havoc with the connectors. I would also look into getting a test plug to test the connector. You should be able to get them online, or a camper store. They make them for the four flat, or seven pin round type. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of troubleshooting.


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May 15, 2016
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Thanks Ron. I found it (I was already using a tester that's how I knew which pins were not getting power). the hitch wire bundle disappears up into the right blinker cavity. Right were this happens the wire bundle is mounted to a white piece of plastic about 5 inches by 4 inches. the wires were rubbing against the side of this piece of plastic and it literally sawed through the Right, Left, and running light wires. All fixed :)!!! Thank you for the reply.