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2006 + ford radio in 1999 explorer mach?

No need to stress on the radio knob they're available. When you get your radio it's more important that everything works (cd player, buttons and etc). Sounds like you have an interesting project and the payoff will be worth your effort. :thumbsup:

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Ok thank you so much, I paid for the radio and currently looking for the Metra 71-5520-1 wires, the cheapest I found is 32.06 I might just pay that. Thanks, I will let you know the outcome.

Also if possible can you post up pictures of your install, we have similar looking radios and I want to see how it is going to look like. Also any blue tooth advise ?

BlueTooth I have no advice for. Without the newest "Sync" radio (2009-20010) I don't believe it is supported from the factory. There may be an aftermarket support for BlueTooth but I'm not familiar with that. I will try and post some pictures soon of my presently installed 2005 radio. Just need to get out the camera.

Well I finally got my radio and both of the wires and, I remove my original radio and I don;t see a place where I can remove the wire harness of the original radio.

Can you please post the wire diagram you used? Thank you.

"K", I'm digging out the diagram tonight and I'll post it soon. You need it for all 3 radio connectors, or just the main harness one?

"K", I'm still looking for the diagram for the Phase 2 to World plug adapter. Here is two diagrams that will get you started on making the adapter. The first one is for the Metra
71-5520-1 which fits the back of your newer radio. The second one is to a link that has an PDF drawing of the wiring for your Mach type sound system in your Explorer.



Start with the main phase 2 connector (24 pin) and the world plug (16 pin). Most of the wires are solid color and some have an solid color plus a stripe. There are 13 wires on the World plug that will go color for color to the exact match on the Phase 2 plug. The only exceptions will be that some black wires with stripes will be connected together for a common ground lead.

Yellow to yellow
Red to red
Orange /white stripe to orange /white stripe
Orange/black stripe to orange/ black stripe
White to white
Green to green
Purple to purple
purple/black stripe to purple/black stripe
gray to gray
gray/black stripe to gray/ black stripe
White/black stripe to white/black stripe
green/black stripe to green/black stripe
purple/black stripe to purple/black stripe

Now there are two black wires left on the world plug (black and a black white) that must be wired together. Twist them together. On the phase 2 plug there will be three black colored wires that must be twisted together. They are the following colors:
black/ striped green, black / striped gray and just solid color black. Twist the group of black wires from the phase 2 connector together to the group from the world connector. These are simply just common ground wires that are electrically connected together. If you have followed correctly the instructions given you can connect this one main harness to test the main speakers and radio faceplate controls. This one harness will not give you the rear sub woofer, nor rear radio control buttons or steering wheel controls. I have to find the diagram or redraw it from my adapter if need be. This should be enough to wet your whistle for now and reasonably test your progress until I get the complete diagram.

OK. Thank you so much! I would love the diagram for all the controls but this is a tremendously great start! Thank you.

"K" Here is the wiring diagram for the Sub Woofer part of the adapter. I'm still working on the rest of the diagram for the middle connector which basically gives you controls of external items such as rear audio controls etc.

Subwoofer Harness Phase 2 (Gray) to World Plug (Black) adapter

Both Phase 2 and World plugs are 8 pin harness connectors

Connector Top (2 rows)
Pins 1-4 top row
Pins 5-8 bottom row

Use pins 1-4 of top row on both plugs
Phase 2 (Gray)..................................... World plug (Black)

Rear of New Radio................................ Vehicle Original Harness

Pin (1) Red/yellow stripe......to ........Pin (1) white........................Subwoofer (+)
Pin (2) Black .....................to ........Pin (2) white /black stripe.......Subwoofer (-)
Pin (3) Black......................to ........Pin (3) black /white stripe.......Audio Shield
Pin (4)Red ........................to.........Pin (4) blue/white stripe........Subwoofer mute

All other pins (5-8) which are bottom rows on both harnesses are not used.

SWEET! Thank you I just got finished with the main harness and it works beautifully! Thank you I extremely appreciate your help!

Also for the sub woofer I only have two pins for that connection, I am using the metra 70-5700 plug, should I buy another one/different brand?


Out of the 3 connectors for the 70-5700 the smallest connector is the sub woofer connector. On the Explorer's original harness it the smallest black world connector. You may be right if the smallest 70-5700 only has 2 wires unfortunately that not was listed early on their website. Yes there are some other manufacturers harness available that have the additional wires you need for your factory sub woofer. I haven't been able to verify this but Walmart has a "Scosche" kit # FDK106 that should have the correct leads for the sub woofer. Question does the middle size 70-5700 (world type) does it have all the pins with wires? I just want to be sure they didn't make any other changes. Glad to hear you are on a roll and how's the radio functioning so far?

The radio is doing excellent the only thing I noticed is that the radio antenna wont go up unfortunately when the radio is on, I lost the middle wire anyway so I buying a new kit from walmart is good anyways, I will let you know if this works.

The antenna control lead is in the middle harness of the world plug and is pin (2). It's a orange/Light blue stripe wire. I believe it gets 12v switched on by the radio but I have to double check. I am still dissecting the middle harness diagram which is the most complicated of the three. By the way do you have a external CD changer also?

Thank you, I do have an external cd changer but I took it out since it has in dash cd changer.

Alrighty, I just got my sub woofer to work and it is performing like a beauty, by any chance did you ever solve the steering wheel control diagram? Thank you so much for all your help, I would of never done this without you.

The original control lead for the steering wheel controls is in the middle 20 pin connector of the Explorer's original harness. It's a single wire pin #(14) and is colored light blue/ red striped of the vehicle's original harness. You need to connect the metra world plug adapter with 20 pins. Find pin #(14) it should be green/ white striped I believe based on internet diagram. On the original first Phase 2 gray (24)wire connector is a pin #(18) a green/ red striped wire. Connect the green/white striped and green/ red striped wires together. This should give you the steering wheels controls back. It's the rear controls functions that I'm having trouble dissecting my present adapter apart. I couldn't find the original diagram. Were you able to get the power antenna to go up and down? Mine doesn't have a power antenna but it can be done with a little more wiring. Glad to hear you're up to the challenge and have been successful and not afraid to try something different from the rest of the crowd. The radio unit itself is actually much better than the average aftermarket units I seen and heard.

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"K" if you can, could you post the colors with pin numbers for the Metra 70-5700 middle connector with 20 pins. I want to be sure what wires they supply and the colors that match with what pins. Otherwise I might be giving the wrong information for the 20 pin world adapter to the 16 pin phase 2 adapter. The 20 pin connector I have is not made by Metra and has different colors making it more confusing. I'm also getting my camera out to take some photo's which will make it easier reading for everyone. Thanks.