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2006 + ford radio in 1999 explorer mach?

I had to make my own custom 20 pin from metra, I actually bought two of them and took out wire from the other ones and put them in there so it would of became complete, since the middle pin only has two wire like in the picture.

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"K", so did the Metra 70-5700 look like the one in post #33 with only 2 wires for the 20 pin connector? It looks in the photo like the sub woofer connector (smallest) had multiple connections and enough leads to connect your sub woofer. Can you tell me what colors were those wires for future reference?

Photo's of 2005 Lincoln Radio install in 98 Explorer


It wasn't easy adding these pictures so I explain them latter!;)

Ok woah YA! I got everything to work expect rear controls! YES! I am happy! Now I just need a dang knob. Is it possible to solder on a aux cable on the back of the harness, I noticed in the diagram it says dvd signal and audio protocol. I rather send less than 5 dollars on a aux input if possible. Can I do anything with the left over wires? I also missed up my cd player unfortunately :(