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2006 front rotors


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November 1, 2010
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02 XLS

Looking to replace the front rotors on my 2006 2WD and have nothing as far as removal, etc.
Anyone done a replacement on theirs? I've found several sources for front rotors, but do not know what is what here. Looks like the 2 and 4WD are the same. I have no spindle nut, etc. on my front rotors but would like to replace as the backside of the rotors have nasty grooves.
Thanks in advance.

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I am planning on doing my wife's brakes in a week or so and I can do a writeup it that helps? I've done my 07 x. Its pretty straight forward. I just guessed when I did my first one. take tire off then caliper then rotor. Take out pads from caliper replace rotor then put on caliper again. Not hard.

I did my sons 02 rear rotors, piece of cake. I guess I wasn't certain that the fronts use an integrated hub similar to the 2WD F150, but appears they both use the same rotor - just a hat. Thanks for the response. I ended up sticking with original OEM MC rotors on the advice of a mechanic. I did the pads, so hopefully not too much wear, that is when I discovered the inside of the rotors are pretty nasty, also the slide pins on the bottom are pretty well frozen up.

I hope you have an easier time. Order new rotors Thursday and they came yesterday (Friday) so I decided to get started before it gets too much colder here in MI. Living in the rust belt, my bottom caliper slide pins were seized up which made what should have been a 30 minute job into a multi hour ordeal. After heating up the bracket with a torch I was finally able to free the most stubborn slide pin and at least rotate it around. From there I used clamps and a vice to slowly twist and turn the bolt out. I looked into a new LH front bracket and they want 140.00 for a motorcraft plus another 20.00 for hardware kit. I've had pretty good success using Lime Away on other rusted objects so decided to try that overnight, which took care of all of the corrosion on the inside and the caliper slide pin. So, no trips to the auto store, and the boots are still in good shape. After taking the old rotors off I discovered the fins were severely corroded, and had partially collapsed at the point closest to the hub, hence the bad grooves on the pads. Almost impossible to tell without removing the rotors, and they were not removed when I did the brakes 2 years ago. So, from now on every spring I will look at the rotors more carefully, and especially the slide pins. Hope you have better luck on your replacement.

i feel for you. I havent done them yet. got kinda lazy... When I did mine originally at 35k miles they were a breeze. Im hoping that the wife's at 55k is just as nice. Ill do a nice writeup anyway I dont believe there is one around. Well again I am lazy and didnt look too hard.