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2006 Mecury Mountaineer ignition coil question.


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December 26, 2009
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2006 Mountaineer
I recently had a problem with my 7th cylinder misfiring in my V8 4.6L. I figured it was an ignition coil and in dire need for a working car for a trip the next day. I went to my local advance auto parts and used there scanner and bought a BWD Ignition Coil for the Mountaineer. When I got home I was surprised how easy it was to replace a coil on this car as I am no mechanic Now here's my question or issue. The replacement coils rubber boot just doesn't fit in the hole where the spark plug is all that good. It pops on and I know it is making a good connection to the plug but the gasket/seal part of the boot doesn't seem to sit as tight as the motorcraft coil did before. It's loose around the edges of the top of the hole. I would have bought the motorcraft part, but naturally it was 7pm and no auto parts place had a motorcraft coil and all ford dealerships were closed. Do you guys think this will be an issue going forward with moisture/water or do you think i'll be fine? I'm ready to order a Motorcraft coil if need be but again I don't know much about car mechanics and need some insight.


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Appartently water/moisture can cause big problems for these coils, so I would suggest applying lots of dielectric silicone grease to keep moisture out.

You can take the boot off of the old coil and use it on your new coil. This way you get the awesomeness of the new coil with the fit of the Motorcraft coil boot.

I myself run Accell coils, bought them off of Amazon, for a whopping total of 227, including next day air. a little gas mileage gain, and a little performance gain.

Thanks for the replies. I did try taking the old boot off the motorcraft coil and putting it on the BWD coil. The problem was that the bwd coil was a little longer and protruded a quarter of an inch or so out of the end of the motorcraft boot. I might just buy a motorcraft coil instead.

Not sure why that would be... My suggestion is if you are going to buy one, Might as well buy them all. With a little more performance.

granadojl, What model year explorer do you have? If 2006 or newer, how did those Accel coils fit?

I have a 2006 Eddie Bauer with the 4.6 V8. The coils fit like a champ. Direct fit. I replaced the plugs at the same time as well.

Summit Racing
Accel Coils
Coil part #: ACC-140033-8
Price: $265.95--> (SET OF 8)

Autolite Spark Plugs
Coil part #: HT1
Price: $11.99-->(EACH)

Thanks for your help. I ordered the Motorcraft coil but am thinking about returning it for the Accel. Amazon has them as a set for $240. The wife might hate me here very soon, hahahaha. Thanks again.

I bought mine from Amazon a few months ago and they were 227 including next day air. Hope that helps.


jc, did you ever do the accells? Im looking at them now they are much cheaper than motorcrafts from the dealer! tell the wifey you need all of them and you found a cheaper, better replacement. ;

I replaced all the coils in my F150 with Accel colis which can be purchased at Summit for about $30.00 each. They have a 1 year warranty. I was burning up at least 1 coil a month. I had 14 coils go bad (Motorcraft, parts store replacements and Accel). The truck has 195K on it and runs fine with the Accel coils. I highly recommend Accel. No one could figure out the problem. Ford is my customer and even the engineers didn't know why they were going bad. I kept sending the bad coils back to Summit and getting free replacements. It was a lot cheaper than the Motorcraft coils which are made by Visteon and are total junk. They cost $85.00 and are crap. Use Accel from Summit and you will have no problems.
One word of advise, do not spray your engine with water since moisture is the sure death for this terrible designed coil.
Good luck.

I'm 57 so hot rodding the truck was not the problem with them burning out. It is a poor design that Ford needs to address.


yeah I think if the moron engineers would have designed a plastic cover with a gasket to seal it for that valley.. it would prob solve half the spark plug freezing issues and most of the coil issues, prob would cost them $3 a car when building to have added.. most of us would welcome the few dollars tacked on to the price to not deal w/ these dumb engineering overlook problems. one look at that valley where the plugs are with the use of even the slightest amount of common sense and u can spot the crap buildup/ moisture trap potential

I ended up buying a motorcraft coil. It's been fine since I replaced it. I have the set of 8 Accel coils sitting in my amazon shopping cart though! If another coil goes, I will buy the Accel kit for sure.

Replaced all coils with accel.. with new autolite plugs at same time.. runs GREAT have bout 6k miles on them now