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2006 Mountaineer question


July 22, 2008
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Dallas, TX
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2006 Mountaineer
I have a 2006 Mountaineer Luxury I bought in July 2009. I also own a 2006 Explorer and have owned a 2003 and 2005 Explorer. I guess I threw that in there to say I am not totally new to these vehicles. Anyway, my question about my 2006 Mountaineer is this...sometimes when I start the vehicle, the headlights will briefly flash or the interior lights will briefly flash, is this a sign of possibly the battery getting weak? Also while the vehicle is running, with the a/c on, the display on the stereo flickers, but only with the a/c on, nothing else appears to like dash lights or headlights, just the stereo. Voltage check varies but mostly shows to be about 13.5v a/c or no a/c, which to me seems low. The battery is original to the vehicle. Other than this, this is a great ride. Thank you!

probably need a new battery if it is original.