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2006 remote start


January 20, 2012
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I just bought a 2006 explorer and I was told it has the remote start. I looked under dash by pedals and I did see the box that said remote start. My question is how do I use the remote start. I got three key fobs with the vehicle but what buttons should I have to push to operate the remote start? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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post a picture of keys and remotes. start from there

Sorry I do not have a way to upload pictures on this computer. The only remotes I received is the 4 button remote. (Lock, Unlock, Panic and Rear door glass). Maybe I did not receive all remotes but I was told it might just be a pattern of buttons to start the vehicle. Like lock, unlock, and then lock again to start? Any ideas or suggestion would be great.

It may be lock lock lock or unlock unlock unlock or it could be lock unlock lock. There may be a toggle switch under dash that may need to be flipped which disables remote start

There could be another remote that you are missing. See if there is a model on the brain under the dash.

There is a module on the driver side near wher the carpet stops under the dash. It is actually just kind of laying under the carpet. I do not have any numbers but I think it said it was a Ford remote starter.

If its a ford remote start it will have its own remote. There should be an antenna on the windshield by the mirror. Try to get a part number off the module. Then i can help figuring out what remote it is.

on my wifes old 05 explorer ford dealer installed remote start with keyless entry it had the rectangular 4 button remote. lock, unlock, red panic, and blue button with a key. the sequence to start the vehicle was to hit the lock button first and then the blue key button. I recently removed it from the 05 explorer as we traded it in and got an 08 eddie bauer edition that I am going to install the remote start system in.

2006 Ford Explorer AdvanceTrac

Hi I have the same issue with not knowing how to activate the remote start. I have tried all button combinations I believed but still no luck. I found out about the remote start by accident while my hands were full and trying to lock the doors with the remote. When I looked out the window in the office the truck was running. When I went back out and stuck the key inthe ignition but it did not stop. When I stepped on the brake it shut off. For about 2 weeks now I have been trying to remote start it again and I cannot figure it out. I have an antenna on my windshield behind the rear view mirror and it blinks blue a few times when I start the vehicle. I don't see any model number on it but if needed I can double check. My remote entry has a lock button a button with an open lock a blue button with the rear open window and a red panic button if needed I can send pictures. Can someone help me? You guys seem to have a lot of knowledge with Fords.

sound like you have the factory remote.

you can try lock-lock-lock

If you have the 4 button remote, try pressing the lock and then the blue button of the lower right button on the fob. That is how my wifes factory remote start works.

the time I did have a dealer installed remote start I would hold the lock button until the lights flashed 3 times then released.... 2 seconds later it would start.... to shut it down you repeated the process or waited 10 minutes.... I dont know anything about factory remote starts since I thought they never did this option so dealers could make some extra cash.... if your fob looks different from the factory 4 button you would have remote start because the addon units were either audiovox or codealarm from my experience

Actually, the CodeAlarm is the one that was in my wifes car, yet it said Ford on the brain part of the system. So I don't know if it was a "dealer installed" remote start system or one from the factory. I'm kind of leaning towards the dealer installed as when I removed it to put it into my wifes 2008 Explorer, the wires were soldered in vs. just plugging into a quick connenct. From what I have seen, the newer models utilized the one button key fob.