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2006+ style mirrors


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August 2, 2015
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1998 Ford Explorer
I was able to put the 2006+ style Ranger mirrors onto my 94 Ranger & prior to that I had 2 gen Explorer style mirrors.

Can these 2006+ style mirrors be put onto the 2 gen explorer?
I have a 98 xlt & I really noticed a big viewing difference on my Ranger when I updated the mirrors.

I know that this style mirror is also for the 2006-2010 explorer.

On my Ranger one of the three mounting holes needed to be enlarged, which im assuming would need to be the same with my 98 explorer, but my main concern is the electrical connections being compatible or if they changed the connection style in 2006.

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I put them on mine.

I changed where the stud mounts on the mirror, so that it fits the gen 2 door.

I had to use the gen 2 wiring connector also.

I don't have any pictures of what I did, but if you want I can take a couple of the mirrors installed to quiet the naysayers.

The power mirror control for some odd reason works backwards and I just never took the time to figure it out.

And living in south Florida I never bothered with the heated function on the mirrors.


Yes would like to see them

Here you go, just a few pictures of both sides.

Can you take a picture straight from the back that shows both mirrors on each side? Thanks for posting them up!

Can you take a picture straight from the back that shows both mirrors on each side? Thanks for posting them up!

Not until I finish replacing the AC.

It's backed into a warehouse and I can't get far enough behind it to see the mirrors.

In another week, once all the parts are here, and it's finished, I'll snap that pic for you.

Did those mirrors in fact come off a Explorer or Ranger? my guess is Explorer looking at the heated option, do those have a puddle lamp? Any big gaps where the mirror meets the door or not too bad? Thanks for your time, appreciate the help MT.

Explorer or Mountaineer, I don't remember which.

I don't think you can get them heated without the courtesy lamp, which has a larger space allowing a much larger LED bulb to be installed, resulting in some real light for a change.

I had to remove some of the plastic from the back of the mirror.

Look at the pictures of them being put on a Ranger, then you'll be 80% there.

I had to remove a little more material and relocate one of the bottom mounting studs.

All you need is a Dremel with a cut wheel and a couple of sanding drums.

I used the 2nd Gen vinyl/rubber backing, as it fits the door.

I also used some black silicone around the edge of the plastic part of the mirror since it doesn't fit absolutely perfect.

I drove over 3000 miles on the Interstate at up to 90 mph without the silicone and no leaks and nothing bad happened, but it just looks better with a little black silicone to finish it off.

Everyone have fun, I'm out until next Wednesday, for the 4th weekend.