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2006 XLT Whinning noise


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June 21, 2007
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2006 Explorer XLT
She doesn't make the noise all the time, seems to be mostly at idle, gets a little louder when you step on the gas then goes away while driving. Sounds almost like a supercharger, i wish. I've pin pointed it and it seems to be coming from the tranny area? I've only had the truck for 2 months. Any ideas?

How many miles do you have and what transmission/engine?

I think that I have a similar issue with my 2006 4.0L with 84,000 miles. I noticed a similar whine as you described. It might have went away after I had the transmission flushed a week ago. Either that or I have just gotten used to the noise.

Prior to buying the vehicle a month ago, I had my brother give the vehicle a once over. He noticed the noise and thought it may be from the torque converter. He suggested that I have the selling dealer check the fluid level. I am not sure what the outcome of the fluid level was since I had it flushed anyways. I do know that it will now come out of park much easier now since the fluid has been changed.

Check out this thread:

Hissing or whining noise around 2k-3k rpm. Changes somewhat with outside temperature and humidity and gets worse over time/mileage.

If that sounds familiar, and you have the 4.0L, then it could be just buildup in the throttle body. I got mine cleaned, and the noise pretty much went away. I didn't ever hear it at idle, though, so not sure if it's the same or not.

Before I figured out what it really was, the dealer thought it was coming from the transmission, and they took it apart (under warranty of course). They replaced some stuff, probably to justify themselves, but of course it made no change to the noise.