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2007 Eddie Bauer Keyless entry code location


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April 17, 2008
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minden, Ontario
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2007 Eddie Bauer
Hi All:

Finally found the remote keypad "birth code" on the "smart Junction Box", on its rear side (closest to the fender), just rear of center of module. The module is close to the the driver's left foot. The junction box is located behind the cover that protects the hood release cables etc. I was able to remove the large panel plug and wiggle the panel out without tools. The code is hard to read (laser engraved gray color on the black module background). I needed a dental mirror and flashlight! It was gratifying to get this without the $75.00 pop at the dealer!

If any one knows of a modest priced OBD2 scanner that could have accessed the code without disassembly, please let me know.

Good luck!

keyless code for 2006

Is it in the same place for the 2006 Explorer? Is there only one place the code is located? Thanks!