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2007 Explorer grinding noise


March 14, 2014
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2007 Ford Explorer
Bought my wife a 2007 Ford Explorer, it’s got 151,x.. miles on it. It had a horrible grinding noise all the time I ended up changing both front calibers thinking it was a stuck brake. The passenger side caliber did have a broken piston ring.

But the noise is still there it’s when your above i’d Say 35 mph and it gets louder if I let off the gas. I crawled under I can move the driveshaft but not easily, the front differential is easily moveable but it also wasn’t engaged in 4WD so I assume that was normal.

Any ideas?

Wheel hub bearing? Very common to go on these.
I'm assuming you didn't notice any grinding when either of the front wheels were spun when you were doing the brakes? Could also be a rear hub.

I have the same Issue on my 07 XLT. I changed both front hubs and seemed to be coming from the front differential. Had some friends look at it as I taught it was my tranny or breaks at the moment and it was not. Does this sound familiar?

Well it ended up being the front differential. Got a used one installed, $810.