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2007 Explorer transmission lines


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June 13, 2023
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2007 explorer xlt
I Am sure this has been discussed before. I have a 2007 Explorer XLT 4x4. The transmission line going to the drivers side of the radiator is leaking at the rubber flex portion closest to the radiator. This line comes as a pair. I called the ford dealer because I was having difficulty finding them online and I was told they are on back order. Has anyone had trouble and or luck finding these lines? Again I believe they go from the radiator to the transmission. My other wild card question is and I think I already know the answer to is....has anyone ever tried cutting the the metal line just before the rubber flex portion and just after it. Then putting a hose over top of the metal line and clamping it? I do not think that would be a long term fix but would it be a temp fix? I am also pretty sure there is too much pressure there for the clamps to hold. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Put a flare in the tubing, it'll hold
I never thought about that. what size is the tubing? is it 1/2. I may or may not have what we call swedgelock fittings at work that should work just fine. again is that size of the tubing standard or metric?