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2007 explorer v8 eddie no start service RSC and low fuel Ind.


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May 30, 2012
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07 Explorer EddieBauer V8
hello, my 07 eddie bauer v8 suddenly went haywire and dinging and said service rsc now and low fuel even with a full tank, also airbag light and abs came on. i turned off the car and it wouldnt start back up. i pluged my pocket scaner in and it says no link. unpluged the batt for 3 hours and it came up normal but still wouldnt start. pulled the starter relay it was fine so put it back in. it started drove it around the block and the the same thing happend. kept it running and noticed the spedo and rpm were dead also aswell as temp. but the fuel gauge was fine. i found a tsb on the 07 sport track but with that tsb the cluster was dead. mine still lights up but when the rsc and fuel come on the millage goes to ------- any ideas. will be pulling the cluster out sat figure its the best point to trace because i think its involved.

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Well found the issue the pcm middle plug was not connecting to a signal wire good. The weather boot was missing so mosture got in it so I taped it up after cleaning the contacts

Well it did it again and cleaned plugs and still not starting any ideas

whats it charging at? also check the battery.

Bank 1 running too rich? Mass airflow dirty or something more serious? 2003 sport Trac