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2007 Instrument Cluster


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January 5, 2020
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2007 ford explorer xlt
I have a 2007 ford explorer. The lights went out in the instrument cluster, but all the gauges still work. The needles flash red, do I need a new cluster? If I do will ford have to program it?

I'm looking at a mounty with an instrument cluster that lost its sound.
My theory is they used eco friendly solder and there are cold solder joints causing various issues, even up to no starts.
You could probably do this first with a magnifying glass and reflow the solder. There are also services that recondition the cluster.
From what I understand, you can get an 06-10 cluster (I think there are two types, easy to match).
Once you have that, you have to get ASBUILT data: Site Maintenance for your vin.
Then you use FORSCAN and an adapter to write the correct ICM registers back to the cluster.
Then there is a procedure to learn the PATS keys into the cluster.
For example, a v8 mountineer does not use the 4x4 lights, but you have something in the menus to lock the axles.

Forscan can (from my research) INCREASE mileage on the cluster. So best to find a cluster with lower mileage.

Disclaimer: I never tried this, just summarizing my research.

Thanks for the info, I will check the solder and reflow if necessary. The resetting the registers might be beyond my ability.