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2007 IronMan Edition

Hello forum readers, my name is Chris and I recently (4/22/10) purchased my first Explorer.

2007 Explorer IronMan
25,000 miles

All I can say is wow, what a step up from the Mariner, even if it was a loaded Premier and the IronMan has few options. First impressions are all good. I wasn't looking for an Explorer at first, but the IronMan package is a real stunner. As we speak the dealer is replacing the rims with a brand new set under warrantee. And as soon as the rain/vent guards come in they will go on. here it is as I picked it up from the dealer last thursday:


... and a cell phone shot of the twins...


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nice! what kind of phone do u have? thats pretty good quality!

Thanks. Samsung Alias2. I had the original Alias and it works for me. My son has a Rogue takes even nicer shots.

Sweet looking truck. I LOVE the Ironman edition. Wish they did that for every generation. :thumbsup:

Came back from the dealer with brand spankin' new rims, new serp belt and air filter.
I am going to address this paint first thing. Swirls and black don't mix well.
Damn thats a lot of acreage to buff. It's going to take me a couple days to get through the whole process, but it will be worth it.
I need to place an order with Lake Country for new pads. Everything else should be on hand.

nice x and beemer

tanx, it's a matched set! lol

I've never really seen the inside of an Ex newer than say 2000 and I gotta say, that is one beautiful truck!

I will say that it has possibly the most comfortable driving position for me of all the vehicles I have had. I am 6ft 180lbs, so the narrow sport seats in the BMW are ideal for me, but the Explorer offers a great expanse of room that feels great. It is definately head and shoulders above the feel of the Mariner, Premier or not.

u plan on doing mods on the ironman

nice explorer! I like the color.

Sort of made me want to get a black ironman edition and then drop it and slap some black 22s on. I think it'd be sexy even when this edition got more off road look lol

The plan is to maintain it for the next two years and trade it in. At this point all I am looking to do is a quality stereo upgrade. The stock base level stereo is not acceptable.
A nice DVD touch screen style in-dash and fresh speakers all around with a stealth subwoofer install is in the future.

why buy it if you r planning on trading it in?

Because I can. lol
I plan on having my BMW for a few years, but I don't drive it in winter, and I need something reliable for when the weather acts up. This way if anything goes on the Explorer, the dealer fixes it and I get a loaner. I got a great deal on the X, and I can get the most bang for my buck if I trade it in at peak value, just before it gets too old for bank financing through a dealer.
I take great care of my vehicles, and I do some amazing things with a buffer and compound. My last two vehicles looked better when I traded them in then when I drove them off the lot. Dealers are happy to get my trade in and they usually keep them on their lot instead of shipping them off to auction.

Bottom line, a well maintained - low mileage trade in that can be bank financed is great leverage when negotiating.

cool, but still vehicles in general got the worst depreciation..

Each to their own I guess :)

Good luck with your explorer! and the future sound system!

I don't think of it as an investment at all. It is a necessary expense.
I like the idea that I am not taking the huge hit driving new off the lot, yet I am getting a nearly new vehicle with bumper to bumper peace of mind.
Right now my true driving love is the BMW, but I need to maintain a second vehicle. Living around Buffalo, I need 4-wheel drive for nearly six months out of the year... lol. Lastly, because of my job, I need something super dependable, thats where the two to three year old vehicle comes in.

Havent heard of the iron man edition but sweet looking X there man, ^_^..

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that thing is gorgeous. almost makes me wanna cry lol. nice man!