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2007 Mountaineer V8 Cold Startup Loud Noise


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May 14, 2010
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07 Mountaineer AWD V8
Start happening this weekend out of the blue. I started my car in the morning and there was a LOUD ticking/slapping sound coming from the passenger side of the engine. So loud that I shut the car off. I restarted it and it did the same thing. I let it run and the noise practically went away after about 15 seconds. It does it every time I cold start it. Its always made a quiet ticking sound for the first few seconds when cold, but nothing like this.
Runs great otherwise. 60K miles


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Warped exhaust manifold, very common on 4.6L 3 valve motors.

That sucks... Just like that huh.. And only loud for 15 seconds?
Oh well. Time to call the dealer.

Thanks for the reply!

Check you belts to make sure they(iT) are tight. Also check the water pump. Noise coming from this area is a FORD trademark.

I have an appointment scheduled for next Tuesday. It has 57K miles so hopefully its covered under the 60K powertrain warranty.
It weird how the noise almost completely goes away after 15 seconds though..

Mine had the same problem @ 50k and they covered it under the warranty.

Please keep us posted. Mine with 124K miles has it for the first 30 seconds. I want to know if just the new gasket would fix it or I need new exhaust manifold.

Dropped off car at dealer and was told I have a warped exhaust manifold. They ordered a new one I should have my car back today. Covered under 60K powertrain warranty.