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2007 Sport Trac OEM Tonneau and Latches


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January 1, 2010
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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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04 Sport Trac
Hi All,
I've searched and read about the OEM Tonneau cover for my 07 ST. I got the cover...no latches. Soooo I ordered the latches for the 2005 ST and installed them. BIG MISTAKE! The locks on the cover didn't engage (lock). I'm a tinkerer at heart.....so I broke out my trusty drill and proceeded to enlarge the hole of the locks (where the bolt catches). Result.....the latch was able to engage well into the lock. I've not seen the original latch for this year tonneau cover...perhaps the latch is smaller (thinner). One other result of my tinkering or perhaps my "frankensteining" this application latch is the cover sits slightly higher off the bed....no seal. Anybody else have work-arounds for these missing latches????