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2007 Triton V8 4.6 Leaks drips of oil off of AC Compressor - Problem Solved


October 29, 2009
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Shakopee, MN
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2007 EB 4x4 V8
Very odd scenario happening on my 2007 EB with the Triton 4.6 V8. Prominent oil drips on the floor after adding oil after oil change. Then followed by a periodic drip every week or so after a few hundred miles.

Under the vehicle the only thing I could see is a forming drip off of the AC Compressor. First thought was PAG oil and I put a sealer w/ dye in the AC system and no red dye in the leak after a few weeks.

After more research I concluded it was coming from the timing chain cover. An involved job of valve and oil pan gaskets plus all of the belts and what not, surely a $1,300 repair job.

I cleaned everything up using brake cleaning fluid and added a UV dye to the oil. During this operation I could see that perhaps oil was indeed leaking from the timing chain cover and dripping off the mount holding the AC compressor. Ironically the leak location was just below the oil filler thus oil leak more prominent after changing oil.

The Solution: I took my socket (13 or 15 mm if I recall) and tightened the two timing chain cover fasteners just at and slightly above the AC compressor. One of the bolts I was able to get a full turn on it!!! The other just above a 1/2 turn. It has been 1,000 miles and not a drop, not even anything I can see after using my UV light. Problem solved and just saved $1,300. Possible reason for this is the number of AC compressor cycles over time causes a loosening effect after 140K miles. Passing this win along to you guys!