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2008 Escape 2wd 2.3L


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October 28, 2008
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Arvoinia, VA
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2002 Explorer XLT, 4.6L
I have a 2008 escape as described above in the title that sometimes what it will do is when you’re driving down the road the steering gets really stiff and goes into manual mode and the engine light starts flashing. Unfortunately I have not been able to pull the code because it only happens for a few minutes and then it clears. I know there was a recall for this vehicle, and it was taken in, in 2017for the recall, but it seems like the issue is happening again. We did not own the vehicle when it was first supposedly recalled.

which parts were replaced/updated int he recall?

which parts were replaced/updated int he recall?
what the dealer claims the torque sensor on the steering column which is what we were told

I did verify that it does have electric power steering and it does not have a power steering pump.