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2008 Explorer Limited - want to install OEM Nav


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September 23, 2004
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I just purchased a 2008 Limited that has sync and the upgraded audio system but no nav and I want to install the OEM nav. I tried to search around but couldn't find the info I needed - does anyone know the part number of the nav unit that I need and antenaae? I want to retain my sync functions so I saw one thread on here that involved rewiring the mic and something else but that might be above my experience level.

I know that some 2008 models came with nav and the sync so I know there must be a factory solution to installing the nav and keeping all of the other functions.

Can anyone help with part numbers that I need to purchase? I see some nav units on Ebay but I have no idea which one to get. Thanks in advance.

I have the exact same situation, does anyone know the part numbers for this unit and how to install nav in '08 Explorer Limited?

I went through that with my 2008 Eddie Bauer, I had Sync but no Nav. You can definitely do it and retain all factory functions. In summary:

- You will have a find a nav unit that has chrome knobs and has a "Phone" button. Any unit with black knobs will not work.
- You have to rewire some connections in the console, I had to solder wires. It wasn't a big deal.
- You have to buy a new switch for the steering wheel. The non-nav sync unit has a "Phone/OK" button, and the nav sync unit just has a "phone" label. That was $100
- You also have to get a new antenna. I know the 2008 has the pod on top, and you can order a pod that has both GPS/Sirius combined. I gave up trying to find the right one and just bought one for a 2006 which goes in the dashboard.

Here's the thread I started


Hope this helps!