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2008 Ford Explorer 4.6L exhaust manifold leak


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January 10, 2023
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2008 Ford Explorer 4.6L
Hello Guys.

I have some issue with my ford exhaust. Typical problem with manifold leaks. Changed both of them on new ones. Driver side is ok but passenger side last for few months and start leaking again. Changed new gasket last for another month. Probably the area of cylinder headers is not even but there is no chance to fix it.

But I noticed something. All type of gaskets dedicated for this engine (which I was able to get in Poland) are also dedicated for 5.4L engine. It means that the size of the gasket openings is bigger that opening in the header and manifold.

My idea is to order gasket, made on my order, which will have proper opening size. What do you think about this approach, will it help?. There will be “more” gasket around exhaust opening.

Has anyone possibility to measure this openings for me? A have already thrown away old parts and have no template to check the dimensions (this marked on picture).


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I have a spare set of manifolds, so will pull them out tomorrow and provide those dimensions for you.

But I suspect that your manifold is warped and this is the reason for the sealing issue. You can easily check this if the manifold is off the vehicle, by laying a "carpenter's square" on them. If the warping is severe, you can have a machine shop plane them.

When I replaced the broken manifold studs on my truck a few years ago, the manifolds were slightly warped, so I ran a belt sander over them to remove some material. I then used a thin s/s shim gasket with hi temp silicone sealant on both sides and torque manifolds to factory specs. The studs where s/s and I used "double" s/s nuts. That was many years ago, have never had a nut "back-off". Very easy to visually check when I change the oil.

I actually slightly ported the manifolds before being installed, just for the h&ll of it.

1.480 x 1.360 approx.





Tkanks for this.

At the left side I have new (Dorman) mainfold that is why I suspect the engine side is a probelm.
I have opporunity to order exhaust gasket made specjaly form me and I want to make it "ported" with maifold openings and reinforced.
Later I will add some photo to show what happend.


Hope it works out for you. Please do follow-up.

Hope it works out for you. Please do follow-up.

Unfortunately, finally I was not able to find anyone who would make gasket for me. The previously chosen company, didn't handle.
But, I found on eBay, offer of Remflex 3027 Exhaust Gasket. They are made from graphite and are very thick.
I made “double” tighten . After first one I left it untouched for over a night and retighten in the morning. So far so good :)



Wow, those are thick.