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2008 ford explorer EB no crank no start, no communication with PCM?


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January 5, 2023
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2008 ford explorer eddie
Ok, Im new here as member but have been reading all the threads on no crank no start and I have a no communication with pcm code and Gem code when I get it to crank (more times no start than not) when i can get it to start i run scan tool and the two codes that remain after clearing are the two mentioned. I there is open circuit in pcm communication.. while putting a hot battery on i bumped the ground wires on the driver side fender well by junction box. The truck started up and ran few seconds and then died. i left the key on tried cranking and it would just turn over. I went the ground on the fender and pushed the wires around went in cranked up and ran for awhile..then died again ? left key on went to ground again moved the wires heard the loud clicking went craked and ran.. now it wont crank even messing with the wires.. i cleaned the connection of paint to bare metal connected again nothing flashing light?? there must be a short somwhere that has to do with the ground, I have attached an image of the ground and the wires that go to it can anyone tell me what each of the wires go to and most inportant which one deals with the pcm pats etc.
thanx in advance..

what are the codes specifically? i believe in yours pats will kill the starter too, unlike early models. is the theft light the one flashing? rapidly? did it sputter liek running out of fuel, lack of pressure, etc or did it just abruptly stop like you shut it off

In my very clean used 2010 I found these mice chewed ground wires under the battery tray. While bad, that was not what caused my engine to die or go into limp mode. It was a fuse "holder" in the engine fuse box that was just a bit loose. Tightened it up and all fine.
I could get engine to die, just by pulling on the bulk of wires behind the box and later by wiggling the individual fuse.
If you can get your running, push on the tops of each fuse and see what happens.