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2008 Ironman - Wanting to switch out the OEM fogs for clear ones...


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November 7, 2013
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2008 Explorer Ironman
I just bought a 2008 Ironman, but can't stand the fogs on it. It makes the road look orange at night and they aren't very bright...

Does anyone know if I can switch the orange ones out for the clear ones on the other 08 explorers? If not, any suggestions on where to find some clear ones that will fit?

Thank you!
Josh :us:

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Orange is good for fog, can you not turn them off when there isn't any fog?

.... whats funny?

Yes... Obviously I can turn them off. I don't like the color of them day or night. Hence the thread asking how to switch them out for a different color. Does anyone know if the other explorer's clear fog lights would fit or where to find some that do?


Just seems like a silly question...

Im pretty sure you can. Go to the junkyard and pick up clear lights and swap em out.

IMHO the orange looks good. Kinda the theme of the Ironman. If you don't want the orange at night leave them off. For extra light instal a light bar and aftermarket white lights. Then you still have the orange fogs for well fog.

I can't tell if you're being a d**k or serious... If it's a "silly" question then don't respond. I honestly thought people would be a little more helpful on this "explorer only" forum.

It's my wife's SUV.... She doesn't like them... Is that a better reason for you?

I'm naturally an ass :D yeah I seriously think it's a silly question but I'll still try to give ya some kinda answer.
Not a better reason but sure. Doesn't really matter to me
As I said, pick up some lights at the junk yard and swap em out. Should be a straight swap. Think the only difference is the lens color. Course I don't actually own a 4th gen

Well that makes two of us.. Just figured it was some kind of newbie hazing or some sh*t...

But, I appreciate the response, I'll check out the junk yard and see if they are a straight match... The reason I posted this question is any time I tried to order the clear ones online, it specifically said "not for Ironman Pkg."...

Nah no hazing on here. Got us confused with pirate lol but lots of newbies post really db questions and sometimes you gotta be a smart ass :D
Good luck finding em! Junk yard is the way to go but not many 4th gens will be there.

Still think you should go with a light bar. Unless your wife just has an issue with orange?

Oh if you can't find them at a junk yard. There's a ford dealer on here that sells parts "cheap". I forget the name but you can prob find em if you do some searching

Sounds good man, Thanks!


yes they are a direct swap, I wonder if anyone would be willing to do a trade with you on the ironman orange fog lights. (not me not a fan of the orange either)

If I had fogs I would trade but unfortunatly I don't have them. I will be interested in buying your fogs off you if you end up purchasing a pair. Let me know.

i painted mine from clear to black :)