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2008 NWE gathering

This sounds like a good get together... Too bad I'm going to miss it.

Damn you work... :mad:

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I have a question or a suggestion or however you wanna look at it. I was going to bring in a case of Bud Light to enjoy at the end of the day and being a nice guy, I am open to sharing the wealth. I was wondering if anything like that was going to happen or if this is going to be an alcohol-free run?

My only rule is;

Don't Drink and Drive

I suspect Arsoul will enbibe in libation in the evenings as might I (limited since my son will attend)

I also bring beer, but it is strictly for the end of the day, ie. no more driving.

Rhainy, if you make the trip, I'm sure we'll find a seat for you. Might not be a front seat and you might have to share with a dog but we'll find something. Try for Saturday though, the crowd will get pretty thin Sunday. I'll be heading home early afternoon.

You could get the prize for furthest away (unless Rick decides to come)

bob, if you can roll your X at Tahuya, you probably shouldn't be on the road:p:

Way cool on riding along, and backseat is fine with me...as for dog(s) as long as they like me, I love them. Am a full blown critter person myself, having 2 dogs and 7 cats...yeah I know, it's a lot.

Prize for furthest, well dang! That would be cool. My coming will definitely depend on if my poor little ranger is up and running, as I found out the Tracker is metal to metal on the brakes...not gonna chance that long of a drive on them...cleaned up too many wrecks to take that kind of a chance.

I will do my best to be there...you can bet on it. :D

SWR meter?

I keep forgetting.

Does anyone have a SWR meter??? please bring it, I need to tune my antenna.

Yes Kevin, I have a CB now. I'm a conformist:rolleyes:

My SWR meter is in San Diego with 90ranajo.

Have him ship it home.

BTW Rick:afro: is sending a care package of EF swag for our raffle:thumbsup:

I think for the grand prize, I'll order a flag from Zukman:bounce:(Kevin is exempt since he already has 2 flags):p:


Phil -

Sent you a PM, reference the raffle. . .

'91 Sport

hey does anyone need any parts?

i have all 4 doors, hatch, mirrors, water pump, lots interior, lots of stuff like that. i need room in my shop so i want it gone. ill be at the meet, if you need anything gimme a haller. itll be cheap.

I already have more parts than I know what to do with. I finaly just took my doors to the j-yard after finally realizing that I will never put them back on.

you got tube doors on?

Hey, for those of you who have parts....I am desperately in need of a full steering linkage, for a 91-94 4WD....anyone have any of those sitting around cheap or free??? That is what is broke on my poor truck...she's been on jackstands for nearly 6 weeks now... :(

Sorry had to ask, since everyone was saying they have all these parts... :D Oh, and if anyone has a seat release handle for the Drivers seat? (this is the one that a 2Door or Ranger, like I have, that lets the seat flip forward...

nah, sorry. think youve asked me already.

but if anyone needs any interior plastics speak up otherwise there goin bye bye.

if its small ill just throw it in the truck for ya..

i got almost full interior, gray.

ill prolly trash it all sunday if knowone wants any of it.

This will my explorers last run:salute:, I just dragged home it replacement.
March 2 the work begins

woo! im pumped ill be able to see it and then see the mods for the next one.

did you get a sport like you talked about?

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I've been known to partake in a beverage or 2....

As the regional sales manager for Goodyear, I'll bring some swag for the raffle. I just need to say though…’swag’ does not mean free tires!

I've got all but the rear hatch glass from my Explorer if anyone wants it...havent been able to sell it on craigs list. Lemme know and I'll bring it down...FREE.