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2008 NWE gathering

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what do you have to do to qualify?



Sounds like we are going to have to break all these rigs up into smaller groups so that we don't have traffic jams on the trails.

So, are there prizes for the farthest traveled? If so then I should win easily, I'll be flying in from Toronto Ontario Canada for this meet. Just hope my flight doesn't get delayed.


Usually prizes are for drivers only, but we'll just have to see :D I got disqualified cause, "I already had on"

Kevin, I had Zukman modify the flag just so you'll qualify:p:

I'm headed to Long Beach for a couple days but when I get back, I'll turn up the volume on the 2008 gathering and this thread.

We'll need head counts for dinner etc:salute:

Agenda and Prize list

OK folks, it's time to get a head count.

Friday eve
Some campers will show up and set up (including myself) Campfire, Barley pop, stories.
8:30am - Joe Gaylor will be at the Safeway in Belfair by 8:30? to lead folks to the trail head/camp site.
9:00-10:00 - prep the vehicles for trails (air down, disconnect sway bars, secure contents, pack lunch)
10:00-3:00 - trails, rock gardens, mud pit etc.
4:00 dinner and raffle at Jimmy D's BBQ (hopefully we get some non offroaders will show up too!!!)

$2 per ticket, all proceeds go to the Red Cross Lewis County Relief

1 Grand prize - Smittybuilt 8K winch. http://www.smittybilt.com/product/index/38.htm
The winch has never been used or mounted, however, the donor has harvested the cable and roller fairlead for his current winch. He will provide the old cable and fairlead to whoever wins the winch. (mighty nice for a private citizen!)

1 or maybe 2 Second prizes - Explorer Forum CB Antenna flag (I bought 2 and depending on participation, may put both in the raffle http://www.explorerforum.com/forums//showthread.php?t=199032&page=4

2 Third Prizes - 1 set of Tire deflaters and a pressure guage ( the basic model, not the preset pressure like Stuan)

5 Fourth Prizes - Explorer Form Pocket knives

Other prizes include;
Hats-Goodyear and Built Ford Tuff
Inflatable Goodyear Blimps
40" inflatable Goodyear MT/R tire (river tube?)
Spray detailer (for you pretty X's)
EF window stickers

There may be some cyclists in the group interested in;
Set of Kenda ATB tires 26"x2" (we have 2 sets)
Kenda team racing jerseys (size L)
Control Tech T shirts (Sizes XL, 2XL)

If our donation to the Red Cross is big enough, I might be able to talk Rick into some Elite memberships for the participants

I'll be posting this on the Bronco II forum too.

Sign up and add the # of folks for dinner; Running total=19
Albino-2 people Friday night
JRGaylor-2 peopleSaturday Morning
Dif Whack Daddy-2 peopleFriday Night
Arsoul-2 peopleFriday night
Arsoul's Sami friends-2 peopleFriday night
Paul-1 person?Saturday morning
Spdrcer34-3 peopleSaturday morning
Silencing Thunder- No dinner guestsFriday night
Urbanistic1-2 people
Urbanistic2-1 person
Aeaglenfitch-1 person?
Aeaglefitch2-1 person?

92 Jalopy

Anyother NW X's I missed??

Flag, deflators and knife pic below \/


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I will be + 2......my wife 'Trixi'....and my best friend...we'll just call him 'Spritle'

Ryan (w/ Kim, and Uriah)

I'll be there. Not sure if I am going to show up Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. I only recieved one PM for leading the Northerners down and my appologies to bobthekatt7, but I am leaning toward heading down Friday afternoon. I posted the address of the Safeway in Belfair in an earlier post so people could mapquest (yahoo, google, etc) it. Here it is again in case you missed it.

23961 NE State Route 3
Belfair, WA 98528

Put me down for me +1. Not sure if I'll be bringing a boy or not, but I'll cover it if I don't. I am reallly looking forward to this. So far it sounds like the most organized PNW run yet :D :thumbsup:

Put me down for 2

Dang it all...looks like I won't be able to make the run....*muttering obscenities* I can't get anyone to cover for me, and my truck is still broke...

Maybe this summer we can plan a meet again, and I can make it...all going well that is.

Hope you folks have a ton of fun, and please post lots and lots of pics!

Put me down for 2.
I haven't decided when on friday i'm heading down. I'm thinking I might leave Woodinville late morning.
Also, Sat. night after the dinner I'll be heading back to camp for some more barley pop and stories. I've loaded up a bunch of firewood and an old camp chair that needs to be sacrificed. Bring fire wood if you can (dont waste your money buying it at the 7-11).

Firewood, thanks for reminding me. I'll bring some too :D

I know there were more people than this. Where y'all at?

We'll see who posts by this afternoon, then I'll send out PM's again.

I have 20 views on the BII forum but no replies.

This will probably be another 5-6 rig deal, just us core guys. Lots of talk, no action.

Well, I'm going to bring it up again to my S.O. tonight. I'm thinking I might just tap into my savings to make this happen.
I figure this can be one last hurrah for the Explorer... Our Yota-Buggy is going to be done soon so Nimby is going to be put out to pasture for a while till the SAS happens. :D

Are people going to be camping Saturday night and wheeling on Sunday at all?

In ! ! !

I'll be arriving early (7-7:30 a.m.) on Saturday morning, with the intent of setting up camp before heading out that morning with the guys who arrived Friday night (and the guys showing up Saturday morning).

As to Sunday morning wheeling, I'd be up for a few hours before heading out - - not sure what the rest of the group is in the mood for.

Does anyone have a Lat/Long or UTM Grid for the Campground? Is it a state/county park or just a place near the trailhead where the first one there plants a (Explorer) flag? How far/ general direction from the Safeway DWD posted for Google/MapTech. . .?

Looking forward to the weekend.

'91 Sport

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Paul, it looks like it's about 8 miles from Safeway.

Here's a link to the PDF map from the DNR

Arsoul has the scoop on the camping spot, SnowExploder might know too. I think it's a wide spot and first come forst served. I need room for the 1973 Starcraft tent trailer aka 'Casa de Blanco'

BTW are you solo??