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2008 Seat arrangement


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February 23, 2014
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New to the explorer, so need some info on this subject. Looking at a Limited or E.B. version. Does third row seating come standard on these models? I need third row, but with that said, I also need the cargo area to fold flat, from back of front seats(1st row). I even searched the ford site, no real answers. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not entirely sure but I think the Limited comes with the third row seat and I think they are optional on the EB. Some are manual and some are powered. IMHO you'd be better off with the manual 3rd row seats. The motors assy's are expensive and apparently not all that hardy.

All that being said, everything folds flat including the 2nd row seats.

Thanks for the response. I have heard that the powered third row has had their problems. So the manual lift of the third row would not be an issue. However, I do need to make sure the seating behind front row all fold completely flat

I have a 2008 XLT, I know its no Eddie Baur but I do have the manual 3rd road seating. Which I keep stowed most all of the time. The Second seat area folds down then you can fold it flat to the floor in the Cargo mode. Which gives you a pretty flat floor.

Photo 1 shows 2nd seat in normal position

Photo 2 Shows seat in down position

Photo 3 Shows seat in Cargo position as you can see its a lower position than the down position.

I hope this helps you better visualize what the seat do!

My 2006 Limited has 'captain's chairs' in the second row. They are not the 60/40 bench seats like pictured above. Mine has a big console in between the seats. They do fold flat but one would have the console sticking up in between them.

Polizi212 and Boomyal, if ya don't mind a couple questions. How long have you owned, if any what would be your biggest positive and negative with your Explorer? I currenly own an Escape that I use for daily driving and hunting. I need to upsize but will use the Explorer for the same purpose. One of my outright concerns is mpg, mainly in the city. Has this been a good vehicle for you?

This is my first Explorer. I still have a 1994 3/4 ton, 454 Suburban with 45K miles on it. It gets 8-9 mpg. It sits in the driveway, rotting.

I bought the 2006 Explorer V8 Limited, with 125K miles on it, the week before Christmas. I had considered candidates to meet my requirements and the 4th generation Explorer kept coming to the fore.

I have now run about 3 tanks of gas thru it. 75% has been city driving, the balance fwy. I am currently showing 14.8 mpg. I have not had it on any long trips. My 1991 Toyota Previa Van only got 15.8 mpg, in mixed driving and I could not pull my 20 ft boat with it or drive it in the snow.

Every thing on the vehicle works, especially now that I replaced the gas gauge dash lite bulb.

Time will tell but so far it is fun to drive and feels like a new vehicle.

Oh, and btw. It's not to bad looking, sitting in my driveway.

Boomyal, thanks for the reply. I too have a boat anchor in the drive, mine is a 02 2500Ram. Was my daily driver until gas started to creep and dodge quality started to become an issue. So the escape became the answer, great vehicle. Now I need a bit bigger ride so the explorer came into focus. Not a chevy fan, dodge has seen enough of my money and ford has treated me fairly good. So curious about explorer quality, fit and finish. Thank you for you response.

I think the 4th gen Explorer is an incredible vehicle. Yeah. reading the issues in this forum, it is not perfect and there were/are some issues with it. But I do not think you will find a better body on frame, RWD SUV. I have no issues with the fit and finish.

That being said, when some of those issues rear their ugly head, they can be expensive to remedy. But I do not think they are any different than any of today's complex vehicles.

So far, I picked a good seasoned specimen at 125K. It drives like new and there are absolutely no issues with it beyond the burned out dash bulb that I just replaced.

I have had my Explorer since 2012 and here is what I have found to be true of my Explorer! Yes its a XLT not the fancy limited or Eddie Baur, but I have 3rd row seating and all the other power options. No sync, navigation or on board DVD entertainment center either. Now with all that my Explorer is lacking here is what its not. Room, I am 6'6" and I am not cramped to drive it. Comfort, We have taken this on several long trip and even my kids didn't complain. It has a place for me to plug in my MP3 player and I subscribe to the Satellite Radio. I also really like the rear Heat/ Air. I don't tow anything with it, so I can not offer any words of wisdom on that topic.

I bought my Explorer with 93,000 on the Odometer and I have over 105,000 now just about 12,000 miles in 19 months. I paid $9700.00 for it which I feel was a better than fair price. No accidents or damage per carfax or that I or my friend a Auto body man could find.

MPG is ok not stellar, I get about 16-17 going to work and the store etc, but on trips with long highway cruising I have seen 22-23. I have the V6 4.0 with 4X4.

Repairs, I have had to do some but I didn't find the parts overly expensive and with the help of this forum, I did them myself. I have replaced the following, Plugs, Wires, Front Driver side Wheel bearing, Passenger side Wheel ABS sensor, Radiator, Front Brakes, Front Rotors and a blower motor resistor.

Modifications that I have made are very minor, I installed Silver Star Ultra headlights and I replaced the pathetic 9145 fog bulbs with 9005 bulbs. Yes the light is brighter and provides better lighting of the sides of the road. I have had no issues with blinding oncoming traffic either. The other modification I made was just the addition of a hidden Gun safe.

Overall I have really enjoyed this Vehicle, It looks great, rides great and well I have always had the best luck with Ford Vehicles! If you have any Questions let me know be glad to offer a hand if I am able!

Sincerely Polizi212

Polizi212, Thanks for the info. I've been looking at either XLTs or E.B. versions. Right now seems like prices are on the upswing, probably should've looked right after Christmas when sales are flat. Have not had a car payment in years so I hesitate on jumping into the snake pit once again, I really hate the car buying headache game. I have found some good Explorers but its always the luck of the draw. I have no towing plans for this just daily driving and, like you a couple of family trips a year. I do need the4x4 option. After a couple of vehicles without 4x4 I will never go without it again, provided that option is available for that vehicle. My escape has a switch on dash to engage the 4x4 drive, how does you explorer activate the 4x4 drive? I haven't seen how this is engaged. Thanks for the mpg info, that's a big concern for me since this will be a commuting vehicle. Like you, I am fairly handy to make some repairs, bolt on-bolt-off since high school so I appreciate the repair info as well. Thanks for your help.

On mine the 4X4 is configured as either in automatic or I have the option of switching to 4X4 HI or 4X4 LO. There are 3 switches above the heat controls that you can push for one of the options. It looks kind of like this

You will see a gas mileage hit going from the Escape to an Explorer, within any given model year. 5th gen Explorer is more fuel efficient crossover. But then the new Escape is more fuel efficient, too. But you can't really compare the 4th gen Explorer to an Escape as far as capability.