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2008 V8 Tire Upgrade


September 10, 2014
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Virginia Beach, Virginia
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2010 Ford Escape Hybrid
Hello all,

Back to repost a similar question I asked a few months/years back.

Looking at putting a Truxx leveling kit onto my truck and want to also do a tire size upgrade.

Just wondering what everyone on the forum already has with this kit, and if there is any rubbing...etc


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I was running 265/65 - 18 Defender AT with no clearance issues. Dropped down to 265/60 18 Nittos. People have run larger.
I needed to limit my tow bar height to 27" to stay level.

Thank you for the response.

Are those the upgrades you have on your ST in your profile picture?

Do you happen to have a side profile picture of it? Sorry to be needy, I'm trying to give my wife a visual to go-by because she wants to have it ready when I get home from deployment.

Getting a little dark out. As you can see, plenty of room for more tire.
This suspension has the extended upper control arms which are generally required for a decent alignment.



Nice shade of orange. Going for a HD orange?

Its called Orange Frost - a late 2007 all year 2008 color. Kind of an Orange Pearl. Love it. It contrasts nicely with the Crimson Red Tint coat of my Grand Sport.

I've got a 2008 Sport Trac Limited 4X4, 4.6L. I started with a Truxx leveling kit and a little bigger tire and got a hypertech tuner to change tire size. Once I wore those tires down, I then added a 1" body lift and T275/70R18 tires and a 1 inch wheel spacers. Had to do a little trimming on the wheel wells but not too much. Love the height and ride.

Any idea what the largest tire size I can go with if I'm only adding the Truxxx leveling kit, which should add around 2 inches in height, without having any issues with rubbing?

I'm currently looking at 255/70 18s, but wondered if I could push it a bit larger and get away with it.

What is the overall diameter?

255/70 18s are 32.1 overall.

Mine are 30.5" plenty of room and the AT Defenders (265/65-18) were 31.5. I would say you are good - You may need the extended upper control arms though, especially depending on your offset.

With that Truxxx lift (strut lift) how are everyone's ball joints and control arms holding up? i want to install the strutt lift and 2inch T-key lift this summer. Daily driver with occasional off roading mainly gravel trails and beach.

08 ST

I couldn't get the alignment right and went with the custom upper control arms with Uniball joints.