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2010 Explorer heat vent issues


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December 10, 2014
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2010 explorer
Hey guys.....need some help with a heat vent problem on a 2010 Explorer XLT. I'm sure several of you have had the same issue.

When the vent selector switch is in the defrost/floor position or the dash/floor position most of the air coming out of the floor vents on the centre console blows out of the passenger side floor vents. The driver freezes. It gets worse if you also adjust the temperature selector switch to maximum heat. As you rotate the temperature switch all the way to maximum heat you can hear a duct door move inside the console and then all of the hot air is blowing out of the passenger floor vents.


Thanks for any help with this.

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October 14, 2012
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2006 Mountaineer AWD
One of your HVAC door actuators could be bad. Search and you should be able to find several threads on the topic, one of which should have the troubleshooting process to identify the problem.