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2010 Explorer | How to remove the 60 of the 60/40 2nd Row Seat


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June 27, 2017
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2010 Ford Explorer
I want to remove the 60 seat only of the 60/40 second row fold down bench seats in a 2010 Explorer so I can put a giant Cabelas cooler where the 60 seat resides for a vacation trip. I dont want to set the cooler on top of the folded seat b/c it would be too high and the 2nd row seats dont lie flat anyway (more of an incline unlike th
he 3rd row).

I took a gander today after folding the 60 seat up and forward. Im hoping its just a matter of loosening the bolts on the metal brackets on the floor and yanking the SOB out, but I want to check here first for any "oh no dont do thats" and "it will make the job easier if you" advice. I notice a couple strut type pieces attached to rivet/grommet like things under the seat -- perhaps to assist in the seat movement. I assume I will have to unhook those too but Im hoping with lower floor bolts loosened, things like that will naturally wiggle off.




Anyway, a quick and dirty how-to would be great so I dont screw this up -- its not my car Im attempting this on. Im hoping its not a big snooker and the seat is attached horizontally and I need to pop off these plastic covers and attend to bolts I cannot see.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a third row ?

If yes, then the second row should go flat with the third row if you put the second row in the cargo mode.

Otherwise, I do not think there is anything special to remove the 60% part although I never did it. Maybe someone here did.

Yes I have third row, but the second row doesnt lay flat. Probably a 15 degree incline toward the front of the car. The second row seat bottom cushions create the incline. The third row lies completely flat. That said, even if the 2nd row did go down flat Id still prefer removing the 60 seat.

My second row goes flat too, fold the seat back forward, then pull the latch marked cargo mode, and it moves down further and flatter.
Still might be too high for your likes, but I want to make sure u realize there are 2 steps to fold it flat

ive had both middle row seats removed when I was running all my sound system wires..... just a bunch of bolts and nuts on studs and they come right out....I fold both rows down when I go on trips and the middle row folds flat just need to do that 2nd step as previously mentioned

OK thanks. If all it takes are the bolts on the floor, Ill give it a whack this weekend and see how far I get.