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2010 LTD Compass


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October 14, 2004
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Plymouth, MN
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'94 LTD '10 LTD V8
I have the opional instrument cluster, do I have a compass? I'm reading my owners guide, for the love of god I can't figure it out? Any tips Please


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I believe just the rear view mirror has it, or if you have the GPS head unit, nothing in the instrument cluster.

If the compass is active, it will show the direction the vehicle is pointing just below the line under the Trip A or B etc display and in the upper left of the total mileage. It displays N, NE, E, etc

For some reason only on cold starts my compass wants to recalibrate? I choose my zone then circle to CAL then I see N NW etc... Then after 1 min I get -- I'll let pics described problem? On warm starts I can't even reset any thing? BTW my gas mileage isn't 15.5 I'm reseting.... Any Help Please





Wow, I am something....
10 years staring at the cluster and I did not register that there is a compass....

Got the compass working! !! Woo who!!!


So my compass isnt working again? For some reason I cant reset the zone or calibrate? Im following the manual on page 35? It wont let me choice the zone?
Please help!


does the compass use the gps unit or where is the compass module? need help???

does the compass use the gps unit or where is the compass module? need help???

There is a small black box on the rear view mirror stem. Has a small button - press and hold it for a moment, or simply unplug it and plug it back in.

Trac Marks your right I moved the rear view mirror and the compass came back on. Must be something with rear view mirror???