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2010 Mountaineer A/C Compressor will not engage.

He thinks the PCM is preventing the compressor from engaging. Anybody have experience with a bad PCM with no codes not allowing the ac compressor to engage?
I had opposite problem. PCM was triggering compressor on/off very quickly rocking the motor and even the body. In a desperation test I poured cool water over the PCM and it would stop the behavior every time.
Since you have a V6 it will be easier to find a replacement PCM. If you want it fixed use this guy:

Just to close this thread out I did fix the AC. It was the computer. My mechanic said when he tried to activate the compressor with his scan tool it said the wide open throttle relay was activated and would not turn the compressor on. After replacing the PCM and programming it to my VIN the compressor would turn on. He charged the system and added dye. He said bring it back in a week or two and he will check It for any leaks. It blows ice cold now.