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2010 Mountaineer - No Brake Light L.R.C. - Trailer brake DOES light.


June 10, 2014
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Phoenix, AZ
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2010 Mountaineer Premier
No brake lights on my 2010 Mercury Mountaineer premier with amber turn.

Amber Turn Signals work F&B
Amber Flashers work F&B
Red Driving Lights work b
Amber Driving lights work F
Trailer Stop/Turn/Driving lights work.

Checked all fuses in both boxes +
Checked bulbs +

Blew up a BCM Ground fiddling with the fuse box like a newb.
Shop fixed ground, installed recycled BCM.
Amber blinkers were lighting up as STOP
I used forscan to restore AB setting, then disabled the DLR
Now - no brake lights at all..

Next is to restore to As Built.. and see.

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Anyone have the As Built for 06-10 in english?

Tossed in a brake light switch.. no love.

Havent you try to download from the motorcraft as-build portal ?never heard any problems of finding as-build files

I can find the file - but there is no english reference for what the data changes - except for a few that were translated to actual settings and their options.. that is about 10% of the settings.

Stop Turn Hazard Wire diagrams: