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2010 SRS Light


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October 14, 2004
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'94 LTD '10 LTD V8
Just started to get SRS Light but not on every start. I still have factory battery and I need to buy new one. Will buy one monday.....

I'm thinking the SRS Light is caused by a bad battery. If not could someone chime in with B2290 code?




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Replace the battery first clear the codes and see if they come back. That is the usual code for a bad battery.

Will do and report back...

I put on the battery charger for 12 hrs and charged her up. Battery seems to hold a charge, and the SRS light doesnt come on. So ill give her 2 weeks to see if battery holds up....

Just a general note - if that is rust/corrosion on your battery cables, you should replace them, as that can cause low battery symptoms or electrical issues too. That’s regardless of your srs codes. Corrosion could also be up in the wiring itself too.

Or you can go have the battery tested at the autoparts store.

So looks like the battery is bad no biggie, I called Ford and ask for price on battery, he told me the 650CA is built better than the 850 CA? Hmmmm can anybody chime in with that?
I still have the Factory 650CA which lasted 9 years.....