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2010 throwing P0443, Gas mileage improvement devices


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April 19, 2015
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I have a 2010 Explorer xlt, 4.0, 60,000 miles. It is throwing P0443, EVAP purge valve solenoid. It has also gotten terrible gas mileage since I bought it and might add a device or 2 to maybe get %20 better mileage.

Does any know:

Where the EVAP purge valve solenoid is located on my vehicle?

What's it cost for the part and is it easy to change?

Has anyone used the device, I think its called, "Less gas?" Or, a performance chip, to improve gas mileage? Would you recommend me putting one on?

I tried cleaning out the intake, reset the codes, but it keeps throwing P0443. Outside the SUV its putting out strong, gassy smell.

Thanks for your help.

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I know the charcoal canister is above the fuel tank and is a pita to change... I think the purge valve is around the same area or inside the can... both parts might be integrated and cost something like $300.. evap will not effect mileage its just to make the epa happy by making them think everyone is not letting fuel evaporate.... but it does no matter what... evap is not like egr that regulates things in combustion... I know someone will argue this but owell.... any performance add-on that actually adds power will increase mpg but people will drive harder so it makes it worse... the price of a real performance chip can buy 8 tanks of gas so it would take forever to recoup the price even if you get 1 mpg

There are two purge valves, you need to determine which one has failed (one under the hood and the other by the fuel tank) and yes it will impact your fuel economy on these newer vehicles because you will be evaporating off more fuel vapors than normal and the fuel system will not be pressurizing properly. As far as those gimmick chips they are an absolute joke and not worth the money, the 20% gains should be a dead give away that they are a snake oil product. Even the more expensive tuners are no good for fuel economy, but good for performance gains with a small loss of fuel economy depending on how hard you drive the 4.0.
Search around here and you will find several posts regarding the purge valves, one in particular that was posted in the last month.

thanks for the info. will research the site for the purge valves. hopefully there is a picture there somewhere to help me find them.

regarding the fuel saving chip or platinum intake device, yes, thought they were too good to be true. I tried finding the "less gas" intake device, supposed to burn more fuel, promoted by radio guy Michael Savage. He read about a year ago that consumer reports or some govt agency had proved it worked. Yesterday, trying to find their web site, it's no longer active. Guess they went out of business.

Glad I didn't waste my money!

Your evap canister purge valve or known as vapor management valve is located under the hood between the brake booster and the battery just underneath the fuse box. Canister vent valve is located between the the fuel tank and the spare tire.
P0443 possible causes
1.Vehiclepower circuit open
2.evap canister purge valve circuit short to GND or short to vehiclepower
3.damaged evap cqnister purge valve
4.damaged PCM

Thank you.

So, each valve you mentioned has a solenoid and either one or both would throw P0443?

Yes and your concern is the purge valve under the hood.

I suggest to test the valve and the circuit before replacing it.You have to determine what caused it to fail.