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2010 v6 orifice tube location?


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March 13, 2017
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Eagle Mountain, Utah
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Eagle mountain
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2010 Explorer XLT 4X4
Hey all. I have a 2010 explorer XLT V6 with rear AC. Just replaced the compressor and accumulator, but cannot figure out where the orifice tube is located. I have a Haynes manual, but it seems my 2010 is different, it shows the accumulator up front near the radiator, but mine is back by the firewall. The pictures it shows of the orifice tube location don't make sense to me, I can't see anything that looks like the same location.
Can anyone tell me EXACTLY where the orifice tube is located on a 2010 V6 with rear AC? Preferably with a pic or two...

I have searched for abut 3 I hours, I'm nearly to the point of just saying screw it and going and getting it charged and hope for the best....

I found it anyway, so for anyone in the future looking, it's kind of a pita. It's in the line running along the firewall near the accumulator.
I had to remove some kind of computer thing to get access to it, and in order to remove that I had to remove the ac lines going to the accumulator as well as removing the top bolt that holds in the accumulator to the engine bay.


Thanks Dacaur, I am sure someone will find it useful one day.
Most likely, in this case nobody has ever done it thus no responses.

PS: What happened the first time you posted ?
Was someone mean here ? :)