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2010 XLT Trailer wiring question


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December 14, 2011
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2010 XLT
I just bought my Sport Trac and need to add a brake controller to it. The wiring diagrams show 2 versions. There is a 'heavy duty' and a 'light duty'.

My truck is apparently the light duty version as it doesn't have connections in the battery junction box for; 1. F13 - Trailer battery charge, 2. Trailer tow relay, and 3. F17 - supply to the brake controller. See 95-1, 95-2

The harness to the brake controller is in place and I have voltage from the brake switch, however, I don't have voltage on C239-1, which supplies power to the controller. C239-6 does connect to ground.

There is a wire/connector in C239-3, which should be the supply to trailer brakes, but I can't verify its connection and I am not sure where the wire to pin 1 goes.

According to the wiring diagram, it should connect to F17, but there is only 1 lug in the fuse position and it is the 12v supply, which I've verified. I will need to open the battery junction box to see if those wires are there or if I will need to add them.

Will I loose data if I disconnect the battery connections to the junction box?

Where will the blue wire (trailer brake line to 7-pin connector) likely be terminated, if it is there?

Has anyone made this change?


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