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2011-2014 Ford coolant fans


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June 22, 2015
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2011 Ford Explorer
I had to replace the coolant fan Feb 2013 and now am replacing it again. Rumor is the compressors from a China supplier are taking them out. Anyone else? The first time was under warranty not this time. I did see complaints are being filed with the NHTSA.

i have a 2011 ex and I replaced it twice so far with less than 50k. i bought it in 2013. Every summer I had to replace coolant fans. First time was under warranty. 2nd time I had to pay 100 bucks. I'll see how it goes this summer. Between coolant fans, water leaks, and paint starting to rust. Im kinda regretting buying a ford explorer. Other than that BS, i love the suv

Purchased my 2012 EX brand new and has about 47K miles. I had a recall related to the coolant fans but it wasn't replaced. Only issue had so far was to replace my sqeaky serpentine belt at 39K.