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May 28, 2021
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2011 Explorer Limited
I have a 2011 Explorer that i am looking to upgrade the headlight assembly’s. I see the style I’d like is made for the Edges but i am having a hard time finding that style (similar to the 2016+ DRL bar style headlights). I’d appreciate any help finding options for this

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Are you referring to the LED Signature light strip around the headlamps? If so, I doubt that you can fit those headlamps into a pre 2016 Explorer as the 2016 was a refresh and I believe the headlamps were part of the change.
This is the Signature lighting; 2016 Explorer LED signature light - only one on with ignition on
Also, the 2011 has a single bulb for both Hi and Lo beam whereas the 2016 has separate LED Lo and halogen Hi beams.